The Evil Queen is a villain summoned in "Hawk and the Poisoned Apples".

She is absed on the Evil Queen from the German fairy tale Snow White.


The Queen is incredibly vain and would destroy anyone in order to remain the fairest of them all. She seems to have accepted the loss of her looks even joking about it in front of the students, but her thirst for revenge and hatred towards Snow White is as strong and as vicious as ever. She loves being evil and relishes in the chaos she brings and delights in trying her poisons on unsuspecting victims.


The Queen was once extremely beautiful, so beautiful that she once held the title of fairest of them all until Snow White surpassed her.

In her old age, she is an ugly old woman with pure white skin, a large chin, huge, high cheekbones and shoulder-length indigo hair.

Magical Abilities

  • Apple Magic: With her wand, the Evil Queen can conjure apples out of thin air. She can summon one of a hundred apples and can move them at will and use them as projectiles. She can even create explosive apple bombs.
    • Poison Magic: The Evil Queen is a master of poison and has the knowledge and skill to create various elixers with negative effects incuding the famous sleeping posion, a poison that makes one breathe only apple juice or a hiccuping poison. With her wand, the Queen can infuse all the apples she cojures with various poisons of her own making.
  • Knowledge of the Magic Mirror: The Magic Mirror originally belonged to her so she has knowledge and skill to use it. She would ask it everday who was the fairest of them all. She could also trap a person in the mirror and trap them forever if the mirror breaks.

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