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File:3828354-LaGrandeCerimonia 300dpi-285x411.jpgFile:3898382-9788891528773.pngFile:3898383-9788891528810.png
File:3899203-9788891528834.pngFile:9788891517999 1 0 2478 80.pngFile:9788891518002 3 0 2446 80.png
File:9788891518002 4 0 2446 80.pngFile:9788891518019 0 0 1448 80.pngFile:9788891518019 1 0 2000 90.png
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File:A School for Fairy Tales.pngFile:Astoria's library.pngFile:Astoria 3D.png
File:Astoria Profile.pngFile:Astoria Rapunzel.pngFile:Astoria and the Beanstalk.png
File:Astoria portal.pngFile:Attack of the Shortbread Witch.jpgFile:BadWolf3D.png
File:Balento pic 1.jpgFile:Balento pic 1 1.jpgFile:Balento pic 2.jpg
File:Balento portal.pngFile:Bandicam 2016-05-29 00-30-44-111.jpgFile:Bandicam 2016-05-29 06-36-59-894.jpg
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File:Bandicam 2016-08-06 02-46-32-944.jpgFile:Beast 3D.pngFile:Beast Profile.jpg
File:Beast portal.pngFile:Beauty pic 1.jpgFile:Beauty portal.png
File:Book 3.pngFile:Carrozza Portagioie di Rose.jpgFile:Cinderella 3D.png
File:Cinderella Profile.jpgFile:Cinderella portal.pngFile:Comic Issue 1 - mistake - Astoria color.png
File:Comic issue 1 - Vicky and the Big Bad Wolf.pngFile:Community-header-backgroundFile:Communitylogo.png
File:Cover 2.jpgFile:Cyrus pic 1.jpgFile:Cyrus pic 2.jpg
File:Cyrus portal.pngFile:Download.jpgFile:Ep 13 - 20.png
File:Ep 7 - tree little pigs.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Fairy Tale Wedding.png
File:Favicon.icoFile:Female.pngFile:Gerald pic 1 0.jpg
File:Gerald portal.pngFile:Hawk 3D.pngFile:Hawk Profile.jpg
File:Hawk pic 2.jpgFile:Hawk portal.pngFile:Header image.png
File:IMG 5141.jpegFile:IMM Corpo A.jpgFile:Iginio Straffi Profile (2009).jpg
File:Images.jpgFile:IronFan portal.pngFile:Ironfan pic 1.jpg
File:Joy 3D.pngFile:Joy Profile.pngFile:Joy portal.png
File:Kuu Kuu Harajuku Wiki.pngFile:La Scuola delle Favole.jpgFile:LeFrog portal.png
File:Leena pic 1 1.jpgFile:Leena portal.pngFile:Lefrog pic 1.jpg
File:Lefrog pic 3.jpgFile:LingLing3D.jpgFile:LingLingFullBody.jpg
File:LingLing portal.pngFile:Longtime Editor.pngFile:Magazine - La Scuola delle Favole.png
File:Magazine 3.pngFile:Magazine 3 2.pngFile:Magic Professor Badge.png
File:Male.pngFile:Mystery at Cinderella Castle.pngFile:News Header.png
File:Nickelodeon logo.pngFile:No Screenshot Available.pngFile:Odette pic 1 0.jpg
File:Odette pic 2.jpgFile:Odette portal.pngFile:Official Student.png
File:Opinionator.pngFile:PI Character test.pngFile:Photographer.png
File:Piglets 4.pngFile:Pinocchia pic 1.jpgFile:Pinocchia pic 1 0.jpg
File:Pinocchia portal.pngFile:Pumpkins and Dragons.jpgFile:RA-ep.14.png
File:RA-fan magic.pngFile:RA-gallery template pic.pngFile:RA-odc.21.png
File:RAPremiere.jpgFile:RA magazine 3.pngFile:Ra ep 1 - 1.png
File:Ra ep 1 - 2.pngFile:Ra ep 1 - 3.pngFile:Rainbow SRL.jpg
File:Rapunzel pic 1.jpgFile:Rapunzel pic 2.jpgFile:Rapunzel portal.png
File:Regal Academy.jpgFile:Regal Academy - Characters.jpgFile:Regal Academy - Poster.jpg
File:Regal Academy - Poster 2.jpgFile:Regal Academy - Rose.pngFile:Regal Academy - Una scuola da favola - Cover.png
File:Regal Academy - Una scuola da favola - Preview.pngFile:Regal Academy Astoria RapunzelFile:Regal Academy Che Felicità KARAOKE
File:Regal Academy First Official Super Trailer NickFile:Regal Academy Hawk SnowWhiteFile:Regal Academy Here on my Feet KARAOKE
File:Regal Academy Joy LeFrogFile:Regal Academy Let's discover the school!File:Regal Academy Like a Fairytale KARAOKE
File:Regal Academy Live the Magic KARAOKEFile:Regal Academy Logo.pngFile:Regal Academy Logo (Old).png
File:Regal Academy Magazine Logo.pngFile:Regal Academy Regal Academy KARAOKEFile:Regal Academy Regal Academy KARAOKE-0
File:Regal Academy Regal Academy KARAOKE-1File:Regal Academy Rose CinderellaFile:Regal Academy Season 2 - Trailer
File:Regal Academy Shoe-a-holic!File:Regal Academy Travis BeastFile:Regal Academy Vivi la Magia KARAOKE
File:Regal Academy Vivo una Favola KARAOKEFile:Rose's Fairy Tale Collection.jpgFile:Rose 3D.png
File:Rose Cinderella (Poster).jpgFile:Rose Cinderella Profile.jpgFile:Rose Cinderella sitting.png
File:Rose portal.pngFile:Royal Academy Logo.pngFile:Ruby pic 1.jpg
File:Ruby portal.pngFile:Screenshot (1402).pngFile:Screenshot (1406).png
File:Screenshot (1407).pngFile:Screenshot (1413).pngFile:Screenshot (5).png
File:Screenshot (6).pngFile:Screenshot 01.pngFile:Season 1 theme songs credit.png
File:Season 2 Promotional Banner.jpgFile:Shire Cat.pngFile:Smallwikipedialogo.png
File:SnowWhite portal.pngFile:Snowwhite pic 1.jpgFile:Snowwhite pic 2.jpg
File:Song Credits - The Best of Me.pngFile:Tabber test.pngFile:The Academy Staff.png
File:The Bad Wolf's Great Fall.jpgFile:The Great Dragon Race.pngFile:The Pea Princess' Granddaughter.png
File:The Revenge.pngFile:The Swan in Swamp Lake.pngFile:Trasformazione astoria.jpg
File:Trasformazione joy.jpgFile:Trasformazione rose.jpgFile:Travis 3D.png
File:Travis Profile.jpgFile:Travis portal.pngFile:Vicky pic 1.jpg
File:Vicky pic 5 0.jpgFile:Vicky portal.pngFile:Violet pic 1 0.jpg
File:Violet portal.pngFile:Wand-arrow.pngFile:Wiki-background
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