The Sea Witch is a fairytale villain who appears in "Song of the Sea Witch" and returns in The Magic Fair.

She is based on the Sea Witch from Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.


The Sea Witch is a tall, thin woman with bone-thin limbs and a large gead with a huge, pointy nose that takes up most of her face. Her skin is a dull blue-grey and darkens at her hands and wrists. Her eyes are pale green and her mouth is wide with red lipsticks. The Sea Witch's hair is bright purple, waist-length and thick like octopus tentacles. She wears simple gold earings and holds her hair back with a pale gold tiara. She dresses in a pale gold garment covered in a dark green dress that splits into long trails to reveal her legs. The dress fades to purple at the end. Her shoes are dark purple with gold detail. While she is shown with legs, it is implied she once had a fish tail.


Like most fairy tale villains, the Sea Witch enjoys causing havoc. She takes pride in her ability to steal voice. She often calls people darling.



The Little Mermaid went to the Sea Witch and asked her to make her human. The Witch agreed but she wanted the Little Mermaid's voice as payment. Afterwards, she was banished to Earth as punishment for her wicked ways.

Season 1

In "Song of the Sea Witch", Vicky summons her to steal Rose's voice. The Sea Witch finds Rose's team and swaps her voice with Rose's but Rose's voice is accidentally absorbed by Astoria's dog.

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Magical Abilities

  • Voice Magic: With her wand, the Sea Witch can conjure a sphere of dark purple energy. She can move these orbs with a wave of her wand. These orbs are very strong, capable of lifting a teenage girl with ease. They seek voices and will fly into someone's mouth and emerge seconds later with the person's voice trapped inside, rendering the person mute. These orbs can also swap voices.
  • Water Magic: The Sea Witch can manipulate water with her wand and conjure storm clouds and use them as a form of transport.
  • Underwater Breathing: The Sea Witch could breathe water as easily as air.
  • Swimming: Even with legs, the Sea Witch can dart and glide though the water as quick as a fish.
  • Transformation: Though not shown, the Sea Witch could transform a mermaid's fish tail into human legs. She did this to the Little Mermaid and to herself when she was banished to Earth.


  • She smells like clams.