The first season of Regal Academy premiered in Italy on May 22, 2016 on Rai YoYo (for the first six episodes) and the show continues to premiere starting September 17, 2016 on Rai YoYo.[1] The English dub premiered on August 13, 2016 on Nickelodeon.[2] It has 26 episodes.

Season Overview

Regal Academy takes the familiar world of fairy tales and adds a delicious and charming twist. The action takes place through the eyes of Rose Cinderella, a normal girl who suddenly finds herself in the world of Fairy Tales. Here she discovers that Cinderella is her grandmother! Rose is enrolled at the fabled Regal Academy where her fellow students include Hawk SnowWhite, Travis Beast, Joy LeFrog, Astoria Rapunzel and LingLing IronFan, all of whom belong to the school’s founding families.

Characters and Voice Casts

Main Characters

Character Italian Dub English Dub
Rose Cinderella Chiara Francese Jessica Paquet
Astoria Rapunzel Giulia Tarquini Erica Schroeder
Joy LeFrog Emanuela Ionica Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Hawk SnowWhite Alex Polidori Billy Bob Thompson
Travis Beast Manuel Meli Henry F. Benjamin

Recurring Characters


Character Italian Dub English Dub
Headmistress Cinderella Aurora Cancian Rathryn Cahill
Professor SnowWhite Emanuela Baroni Lori Gardner
Magister Rapunzel Alessandra Cassioli Kayzie Rogers
Coach Beast Pierluigi Astore H.D. Quinn
Doctor LeFrog Gianni Giuliano Marc Thompson
Professor Wolfram TBA TBA
Professor Beauty TBA TBA
Professor IronFan TBA TBA


Character Italian Dub English Dub
Vicky Broomstick Eleonora Reti Laurie Hymes
Ruby Stepsister Joy Saltarelli Brittney Lee Hamilton
Cyrus Broomstick Emanuele Ruzza Michael Henning
Gerald Ugly Duckling TBA TBA
Finn Whale TBA TBA
Leena Tom Thumb TBA TBA
Odette Swan TBA Eileen Stevens
Pinocchia TBA TBA
Violet Ogre TBA TBA
LingLing IronFan Laura Lenghi Kate Bristol


Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26 August 13, 2016 April 29, 2017
# Prod. code Title US Airdate Aired on
1 101 "A School for Fairy Tales" August 13, 2016 Nickelodeon
2 102 "The Great Dragon Race" August 20, 2016 Nickelodeon
3 103 "The Swan in Swamp Lake" August 27, 2016 Nickelodeon
4 104 "Astoria and the Beanstalk" September 3, 2016 Nickelodeon
5 105 "Fairy Tale Wedding" September 10, 2016 Nickelodeon
6 108 "The Revenge" September 24, 2016 Nickelodeon
7 107 "The Pea Princess' Granddaughter" October 1, 2016 Nickelodeon
8 106 "Mystery at Cinderella Castle" October 8, 2016 Nickelodeon
9 110 "Rose's Fairy Tale Collection" October 15, 2016 Nickelodeon
10 109 "Attack of the Shortbread Witch" October 22, 2016 Nickelodeon
11 111 "The Bad Wolf's Great Fall" October 29, 2016 Nickelodeon
12 112 "Pumpkins and Dragons" November 5, 2016 Nickelodeon
13 113 "The Grand Ball" November 12, 2016 Nickelodeon
14 114 "The Legendary IronFan" January 14, 2017 Nickelodeon
15 115 "Rose and the Dragon King" January 21, 2017 Nickelodeon
16 116 "Song of the Sea Witch" January 28, 2017 Nickelodeon
17 117 "Hawk and the Poisoned Apples" February 4, 2017 Nickelodeon
18 118 "Fairy Tales on Earth" February 11, 2017 Nickelodeon
19 119 "Hair Curse" February 25, 2017 Nickelodeon
20 120 "The Parents' Day" March 4, 2017 Nickelodeon
21 121 "Monkey Magic" March 18, 2017 Nickelodeon
22 122 "Flowerpocalypse" March 25, 2017 Nickelodeon
23 123 "Swan Dancing with the Stars" April 8, 2017 Nickelodeon
24 124 "The Dragon Duel" April 15, 2017 Nickelodeon
25 125 "Fall of the Guardians" April 22, 2017 Nickelodeon
26 126 "Vicky the Villain" April 29, 2017 Nickelodeon


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