The second season of Regal Academy premiered on November 5, 2017 in the US[1] and in Italy on November 28, 2017.[2]

Season Overview

In the new season, Rose and her friends return from summer holidays and ready to take on new and exciting adventures in Fairy Tale Land. With the help of new magical items and funny pumpkin creatures called the PomPoms, the heroes will undertake new missions and face a mysterious student named Kira, and the evil Snow Queen who wants to trap them all in her snow globes.[3]

Characters and Voice Casts

Main Characters

Character Italian Dub English Dub
Rose Cinderella Chiara Francese Jessica Paquet
Astoria Rapunzel Giulia Tarquini Erica Schroeder
Joy LeFrog Emanuela Ionica Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Hawk SnowWhite Alex Polidori Billy Bob Thompson
Travis Beast Manuel Meli Henry F. Benjamin
LingLing IronFan Elena Perino Kate Bristol

Recurring Characters


Character Italian Dub English Dub
Headmistress Cinderella Aurora Cancian Kathryn Cahill
Professor SnowWhite Emanuela Baroni Lori Gardner
Magister Rapunzel Alessandra Cassioli Rose Pedone
Coach Beast Pierluigi Astore H.D. Quinn
Doctor LeFrog Gianni Giuliano Marc Thompson
Professor IronFan TBA TBA


Character Italian Dub English Dub
Vicky Broomstick Eleonora Reti Laurie Hymes
Kira Margherita De Risi Devin Bailey Griffin
Cyrus Broomstick Emanuele Ruzza Michael Henning
Ruby Stepsister Joy Saltarelli Brittney Lee Hamilton
Gerald Ugly Duckling TBA TBA
Finn Whale TBA TBA
Leena Tom Thumb TBA TBA
Odette Swan TBA Eileen Stevens
Pinocchia TBA TBA
Violet Ogre TBA TBA


Character Italian Dub English Dub
Snow Queen Laura Romano Christina Nichols
Shawn Beast Alessio De Filippis Wayne Grayson


Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
2 26 November 5, 2017 TBA
# Prod. code Title US Airdate Aired on
1 201 "PomPoms!" November 5, 2017 Nick Jr.
2 202 "Beauty is the Beast" November 12, 2017 Nick Jr.
3 203 "The Magic Fair" November 19, 2017 Nick Jr.
4 204 "Mirror Madness" December 3, 2017 Nick Jr.
5 205 "The Giant's Wife" December 10, 2017 Nick Jr.
6 206 "Searching for Pinocchio" December 17, 2017 Nick Jr.
7 207 "The Frog Villain" ? Nick Jr.
8 208 "Into the Enchanted Forest" ? Nick Jr.
9 209 "The Masquerade Ball" ? Nick Jr.
10 210 "The Shadow Warrior" ? Nick Jr.
11 211 "Princely Competition" ? Nick Jr.
12 212 "The Dark Dragon" ? Nick Jr.
13 213 "A Day at Merlin Academy" ? Nick Jr.

NOTE: The episode's title order below has yet to be revealed!

# Prod. code Title US Airdate Aired on
? ? "A Mermaid's Tale" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "Test of the Tower" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "The Shapeshifting Witch" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "A Fairy Tale Wedding" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "The Sleepover" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "Rainbow Magic" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "The Snow Kingdom" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "The Snow Queen's Trap" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "Ruby Returns" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "The Midnight Effect" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "Christmas in the Fairy Tale Land" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "The Regal Parade" ? Nick Jr.
? ? "Rose in Wonderland" ? Nick Jr.


Regal Academy Season 2 - Trailer

Regal Academy Season 2 - Trailer