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Professor Snow White



Female Female




Rules, tradition


Disorder, rules being broken, Rose(formerly)


Her wand


Mirror Magic


Hawk SnowWhite (Grandson) Fala SnowWhite (granddaughter)




The Evil Queen

Love Interests

Her husband from her fairy tale

Production information
English Voice

Lori Gardner

Italian Voice

Emanuela Baroni

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Latest Episode

"Hawk and the Poisoned Apples"

Professor Snow White is one of the Regal Academy's teachers and Hawk's grandmother. She first appears in "A School for Fairy Tales".


Granny SnowWhite is a stickler for the school rules, and often ends up at odds with Rose & Co. over their adventures. She definitely loves apples, and always has yummy apple-treats on her desk.


Snow White is a slightly plump woman with pale skin, amber eyes and light blue hair. She has a beautiful, kind, dimpled smile that can change to a cold frown in a second. She dresses in yellow, blue and red.


Snow White is strict and old-fashioned. She constantly tries to set up Hawk with various princesses, despite his constant objections. She dislikes disorder and mess.



When she was very young, Snow White lost her mother. Soon after, her father remarried. The second wife was a cruel, evil woman who cared only about her beauty. Every day, she asked her mirror who the fairest of them all was. One day, the mirror answered Snow White. Outraged,, the queen ordered for Snow White to be assassinated in the woods. The huntsman couldn't kill her and left her in the forest. Snow Whit befriended a group of dwarves who took her in. For years, she lived in peace until the queen asked the question again. The discovery of Snow White's survival angered the queen. She set out in disguise three times to kill Snow White. First she used a corset, the second time she used a comb, and third, she used an apple. The first two failed and the apple sent Snow White into an eternal sleep. A prince awoke her and they lived happily ever after.

Season 1

Snow White greets the students along with Cinderella, Rapunzel, the Beast and Lefrog. She assigns the task of retrieving five stamps.

In "Fairy Tale Wedding", Snow White sets Hawk up with over a dozen princesses.

Magical Abilities

  • Wand magic: Like the other Regal Academy staff, Snow White can use her wand to summon items.
    • Mirror Magic: Snow White can summon magic mirrors with a wave of her wand. With the mirror, she can conjure a mirror image of whomever stands in front of the glass. She can send these duplicates to Earth, even when the portal between worlds is closed. She may have the same powers as her grandson, Hawk.


  • Her colour scheme of blue, yellow and red matches Disney's Snow White.